I had never heard of Eenymeeny until I visited Tufnell Park, a residential neighborhoud near Camden. The area is very green and full of families with young kids. This is London : so spread out with lots of hidden things to discover.  

Founder of Eenymeeny , Clare studied graphic design at central St. Martins, freelanced as a designer for a few years then went on to work with Tate Education for 4 years, running family workshops at Tate Britain.
After having kids of her own, she decided to do something that would combine her creativity and her parenting knowledge. She opened Eenymeeny, originally as a an upmarket clothing exchange.
The clothing range is now largely complemented by a very attractive selection of toys and things that combine good design and originality. Clare also works with local artists and makers, and sell their things in the shop. If she likes  something or if her kids do, it goes in the shop. There is nothing like working with love and intuition. But Clare also has an impeccable taste and a real passion for design which makes Eenymeeny a place where you really want to spend a little time as well as a bit of your money.
Some of the products on display include Vilac toys, Anorak Magazine, Boys&Girls British organic clothes, SunSan Saltwater sandals, KidsonRoof playhouses, RukaRukas prints.
Eenymeeny, 8 Campdale Road London N7