Mindi Smith talks to us about The Little Red Planet, her children's boutique based in Sag Harbor, New York

Launched online in September 2018, the first brick ‘n mortar followed in Dec 2018. Three years ago The Little Red Planet moved to Sag Harbor. A mix of marketing whilst nurturing their customer base has meant last year was their best year yet.

Do you feel having a bricks and mortar store helps your online presence?
Absolutely. You need to have all cylinders firing in any business in my opinion. When it comes to kids fashion, there is a level of trust that must be reached before customers will buy from you online. A physical store allows people the opportunity to come and see your selection, try pieces on their kids, touch the fabrics, and gain a sense of who you are as a brand.

Talk to us about the past year, and what you have planned for the future?
Last year was our third year out East in Sag Harbor and by far our best. It felt like enough of the community out here knew about us and were spreading the word with other parents, especially once the summer season hit. I supplemented this effort with pop ups in NYC throughout the Winter and Spring which helped solidify customer awareness. I have some exciting plans for the future on a larger scale – can’t really say yet!

" I am looking for unique pieces with exceptional design and unmatched quality that you don’t find everywhere...

Mindi Smith
The Little Red Planet

The Little Red Planet

Describe your store in terms of personality?
What sets TLRP apart is not only our ethos but our selection and how I put it together. We are ethically curated so there is a criteria for designers both established and emerging that I hold close: Organic and natural materials must be used wherever possible; I am looking for collections that are ethically sourced and manufactured; and finally, I look to brands that are working to give back whether it be to the community or their work force. But while many designers meet this criteria, I am not sacrificing the FASHION (I’m a stylist and buy through this lens). I am looking for unique pieces with exceptional design and unmatched quality that you don’t find everywhere but that are actually wearable.

My parents come back saying their kids love their TLRP clothes and wear them over and over again. The kids are happy, the parents are thrilled, and I feel good knowing I am doing my small part to shift the way we shop.

How do you source the labels you carry?
A mix of trade shows, social media, showrooms/ agents, printed press.

Always difficult to choose favourites, but try to name 5 favourite brands?
So hard! I love all of my brands for different reasons – here are some : The New Society, Tambere, Bobo Choses, Misha & Puff, Tia Cibani, 1+ In the Family

What features and practises do you feel create repeat custom and a loyal customer base?
I am in constant contact with my customers. During the Winter it is quiet here so I am texting, on social, sending mailers, and reaching out socially. I have become friends with a lot of my local costumers and sometimes we do events at the shop. I also offer The Little Red Package – curated kids fashion boxes (reused/recycled boxes) shipped to customers so they may “try before they buy.” My background as a kids stylist of 20 plus years offers me this skill set and my busy working mothers LOVE it.

The Little Red Planet
34 Long Island Ave
Sag Harbor
NY 11963