Yasmin Agha talks to us about Cookie Dough, her beautiful children's boutique in downtown Beirut.

Cookie Dough Boutique sits in downtown Beirut, on the corner of one of the most prestigious locations in the city, overlooking the sea in the middle of the most happening neighbourhood.

Do you feel having a bricks and mortar store helps your online presence?
Our boutique is the human touch of our brand and offers our clients an experience far beyond just shopping. We have created a true community, both online and offline, and we find that even people shopping online from overseas will still reach out and connect with our team and our community. And we love that! Having a brick and mortar store solidifies your brand’s identity and in turn drives more online traffic.

Talk to us about the past year with your store, and what you have planned for the future?
Lebanon has been through some very dark times since 2019: a financial collapse, a revolution, the largest non nuclear blast in history (2km away from our boutique), the pandemic, and then of course now a war on our Southern border. Things have been challenging to say the least, however our customer base has continuously proven to be incredibly loyal and have contributed to our success year after year.

The brands we work with believe in our business model and are always ready to give us extra perks that allow us to have an edge on the market. We are also lucky to have a team who are exceptional with their customer service and unparalleled commitment to the Cookie Dough community. Because of all this, 2022 was one of our best years of sale on record, despite so many obstacles and I feel very proud of this. We also launched our UAE Website with same-day delivery, which marked a significant expansion for our business.

As for the future.. well, living in Lebanon means you can never really plan too far ahead. But I can tell you this much: I don’t want Cookie Dough to ever expand so much that I can’t overlook every aspect of the business. This is very much a passion project. It’s not an attempt to build an empire or open several branches. Quite the opposite: it’s an attempt to build community, enjoy human connections, and to make parenting easier and happier for all.

" 2022 was one of our best years of sale on record, despite so many obstacles and I feel very proud of this.

Yasmin Agha
Cookie Dough Boutique

How do you source the labels you carry?
I rely heavily on social media to source new labels, but also I find that trade shows are a great place to touch and feel collections and meet new players.

5 of your favourites?
Tough one! In alphabetical order these are some brands that make me smile the most: Andorine, Bobo Choses, Bonnie Mob, Emile et Ida, Maison Mangostan

How do you create repeat custom?
I always say: run your business like you would your character. What do I mean? No one likes a show off. Everyone appreciates kindness and generosity. Be helpful, find ways to give back to the community, and always, always, always be honest!

A favourite comment by a customer?
A lot of people have said that Cookie Dough is a rite of passage into parenthood and that really makes me feel so happy. It’s always an honor to feel trusted, and that’s a responsibility I don’t take lightly.

Cookie Dough Boutique
1330, Park Avenue Bldg
General Francois El Hajj Ave.
Mina Al Hosn, Beirut, Lebanon