If you ask around what is THE cool store to visit in LA, everyone will answer Lost and Found. The fame goes beyond California as founder Jamie Rosenthal has gained an international reputation for her incredible eye and talent to scout great brands and products. Fashion (men’s, women’s, children’s), home, jewelry, accessories, art, books, and lots of wonderful other things are on display at Lost and Found. The boutique’s unique set up consists of a succession of six adjacent stores, located on Yucca Avenue, between West Hollywood and Silver Lake. Jamie has talent and flair, but she also works hard to screen trade shows and to travel everywhere to scout new trends, to select hard to find pieces, as well as a mix of  exciting to timeless (but always super stylish) items. Lost and Found is a precious address, especially in the current economical climate (I read an article last week in the trade press announcing the end of the multibrand store). An address to add to your travel list, for when you visit California. And if you don’t travel, you can still check Lost & Found‘s e-store for a selection of products.