Sabrina Palmisano & Hannah Gunzig

Parent & Child interview: Sabrina Palmisano & Hannah Gunzig – 7 years later

In 2010 as part of our Parent and child interview we spoke to Hannah and her mother Sabrina from the store Boucle d'or in Brussels. Hannah was 8 years old and she wanted to be an actress and a writer. Seven years later, she thinks she hasn't changed much. She has a bigger room,…

Boucle D’or Brussels, 10 years already!

Lots going on in Brussels this week around kids fashion! Celebrating its 10th anniversary, boutique Boucle d'Or  is throwing a party this Saturday (May 24) with Parisian artist By Virgo.  

A day in Brussels

Boucle d'or The store recently grew in size, adding a basement full of gifts, books, furniture and boy's stuff. A must in Brussels. . Gorgeous northern light A view on the streets near Place Brugman . The store (Em72), featuring jewelry, accessories, books as well as…

Theophane, 7 years old – Brussels, Belgium

Theophane loves elephants; something that you could have guessed by only looking at his lovely bedroom. He also deeply loves his mother, Albane de Sigy-Cromback, a children's furniture designer from Paris, who moved to Belgium 5 years ago. Her line Madaket is available online…

Plibook, three carnets by Carole Daprey

          Three little booklets accordion folded, one for a child's birth, one for ideas and one for travels. You can draw pictures, write little notes and memories, add stickers or stamps, decorate and color the pages and then keep them in their lovely box for future…

We were small new windows

  Preparing for a trip to Belgium, I visited and found pictures of WE WERE SMALL's new windows. Thank you Sabrina Palmisano for the preview!        

Hannah Gunzig, 8 years old – Brussels, Belgium

8 years old Hannah Gunzig and mother Sabrina Palmisano from Belgium are our guest for a short interview today. Hannah speaks both French and Italian, and Sabrina, former jurist, is a stylist and the owner of a beautiful children's store called Boucle d'or, in Brussels.