Babesta Beat : unplugged video

Part of Babesta's series of fashion storytelling, this captivating video featuring cool city kids hanging out, playing & living together. Inspired by Patti Smith, it was shot by Katrina Tang with words (a poem) written by Jennifer Cattaui, and  music by Karel Otstavel.

In Conversation with Linda McLean, UK Editor

Author of children's fashion blog Smudgetikka, Linda Mc Lean studied Fashion Design at St Martins School of Art before becoming fashion editor for magazines and newspapers in the UK.  Fashion director at Junior Magazine for 15 years, Linda speaks childrenswear fluently.

Photographer Katrina Tang : about Oeuf and about Estonia

  If I would have to summarise Oeuf, I would call it "the brand that always surprises us". Oeuf quickly grew from offering just a crib to a whole lifestyle brand that respects the planet, understands the essence of childhood and always brings new and fun ideas. We love…