If I would have to summarise Oeuf, I would call it “the brand that always surprises us“. Oeuf quickly grew from offering just a crib to a whole lifestyle brand that respects the planet, understands the essence of childhood and always brings new and fun ideas. We love their latest collaboration with a young photographer from Estonia, Katrina Tang.

From Estonia to New York : can you tell us more about you Katrina? 

I grew up in Pärnu, a cool little Summer town in Estonia. After finishing High School I had an opportunity to further my education in England and went to study photography at The Arts Institute at Bournemouth. Once I graduated university, it was natural to take the next step and move to London. This is where I met some really amazing stylists and got a chance to start creating beautiful editorial stories for Junior magazine. These led to collaborations with other great magazines like MilK, Naif, The Times…and some smaller commercial clients as well as renewed brands like French Connection and Start Rite.  Now I’m making my first steps in New York and things are looking great!

How did the collaboration with Oeuf happen?

When I arrived to New York I reached out to Oeuf and introduced my photography to them. Their design is something so simple, but so brilliant. They allow children to just play, becoming all kinds of characters – masked superheroes, handsome princes, mischievous princesses… I found them really fun and thought they would be great work with. So I met Sophie over a coffee and from our first meeting we clicked.

Oeuf Clothier NYC

The photo shoot took place in Estonia; tell us more about it

My photography is strongly inspired by my home country Estonia and the children who live there, capturing the innocence and purity found amongst them. Oeuf noticed that, and it was something they loved to be photographed for their brand too. Children wearing Oeuf was very inspiring!! For instance, we asked the kids to wear the hats with eyeholes and suddenly they started peeking behind everything, the sofa and doors…and I just recorded it. It was perfect!

Oeuf Clothier NYC

Estonia is a lovely country. Can you tell us a few secret places ?

My favorite restaurant/cafe in Tallinn is Boheem. Their crêpes are delicious!  There is a lovely boutique hotel Sclössle in a heart of Old Town. And for a slightly different shopping I suggest a small trip to the outskirts of the city to visit lively and colorful Nõmme Market that focuses on local and organic produce.

If you ever visit Pärnu, I suggest you visit Picadilly Wine Cafe for their delicious hand made truffles, stay in Tervise Paradiis Spa Hotel and enjoy a sunset over the Baltic Sea either from your room or the 8th floor Romantic Bar window and go shopping in Maarja Magdalena Gild for the local arts and crafts.

Oeuf Clothier NYC



See the video of that Katrina did during the shoot here.