Max & Lola

Max & Lola

Brand name : max & lola Company name : max & lola sprl Website : Date of creation : 1987 Country of origin : Belgium

From Belgium, full color mode

  It is really a delight to enter a world of tonic and uplifting colors. The Belgium are genius on playing with flashy tones, mixing them with subtle shades and prints. They simply do it to perfection, as if they had spent their lives in a Pantone nuancier. If you are craving…

Flying away

  A beautiful fashion story published in Marie-Claire Enfants. Thumbs up for the flamenco shoes contrasting the minimal outfits, for the school desks (La Chaise longue) and for the great combination of a Max & Lola dress with a Oeuf alpaca mask. By Cecile Lercier, photos…