Bianca, 13, Asia 10 & Lily 4 years old – Brussels, Belgium

Between Asia the phography and books lover, Bianca so fond of her friends, Lily who sweetly calls her mom "ma princesse d'amour", and her children's store Caramel, Ludovica hasn't time for boredom.

"Kayo, a kids concept", Antwerp

  concept_shop.jpg .

Cosmo, 4 years old – London, UK

Meet 4 years old Cosmo, a lively, adventurous little Londoner. Cosmo is friendly, strong willed, sociable, and also known to be quite bossy even with older children, confesses his mum Luca Leonard, the designer of fun children's brand (a new brand/concept to…

e-glue goes XXL

t-rex.jpg   All dino lovers will be thrilled with the new…

Interview with Marlene Pellicci, founder of Calesta, Paris

m&c2.jpg In 2004 Marlene Pellicci opened Calesta, a…

Capucine, 5 & Lea 7 years old – New York, USA

Capucine and Lea are two little passionate little New Yorkers – Capucine is very fond of sculpture; she loves making them from found objects, little branches, leaves, rocks…she gets very intense in the process as you can tell from the attached shot (she proudly shows one of her…

Totem animals at play

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