Between Asia the phography and books lover, Bianca so fond of her friends, Lily who sweetly calls her mom “ma princesse d’amour”, and her children’s store Caramel, Ludovica hasn’t time for boredom.

Lily, Bianca, Asia

What do you want to be when you grow up LILY: gardener BIANCA: architect ASIA: lawyer or photgrapher

What is your favorite famous person LILY: the Little Red Riding Hood and the Woolf in the Little Red Riding Hood? ASIA: Sponge Bob and the smurf called “Bricoleur” in french BIANCA: Gad Elmaleh (French comic actor)

What makes you happy LILY: presents ASIA: Elie Kakou (French comic actor) BIANCA: my friends

What makes you sad LILY: when my sister aren’t nice to me ASIA:when I think of the cat that we have to give away BIANCA: –

Your favorite book ASIA: How to train your dragon and Judy Moody LILY: Peau d’âne BIANCA: L’écume des jours

Your favorite films BIANCA: Lol ASIA: Peau d’âne de Jacques Demy LILY: Coraline

Your favorite animal LILY: kittens ASIA: koalas and cats BIANCA: cats

The best holidays you ever had LILY: in Sardigna with a bright rainbow ASIA: El Gouna BIANCA: England

A city that you would dream to visit LILY: a city where flowers are pink ASIA: London BIANCA: New York

Who chooses your clothes in the morning LILY: maman ASIA: maman or myself BIANCA: me

Your favorite outfit LILY :  my harem pants ASIA: a pair of jeans with long tee shirts BIANCA: jeans, t-shirt and American Apparel sweater

What is the piece your like the most from your wardrobe LILY: my gold sparkling leggings American Apparel ASIA: a citrus yellow Bonpoint dress BIANCA: heigh Adidas Originals sneakers

The next item you would like to get LILY: a pink watch ASIA: a bonsai BIANCA: another cat


Your favorite children’s brands Muchacha, Talc, Soeur

Your favorite children’s stores Claude Hontoir in Brussels, Limonsoda in Antwerp, PèPè in Paris

Do you buy a lot online for your children Little Fashion Gallery, Smallable, My little attitude

A website that inspires you Le vestiaire de Jeanne

The criteria you consider when you buy something for your children How it looks, how it feels

Last item you added to your girls’ wardrobe Talc little coat and PèPè boots for Lily, Adidas original for Bianca, Montelpare boots for Asia

Best gift you gave for a child’s B-day A cat

Items that are hard to find Beautiful plain t-shirts

Favorite pieces in your daughter’s wardrobe PèPè shoes, Rita co Rita dresses, everything from Soeur

The book on your bedside table “Belle du Seigneur” by Albert Cohen

Where do you like to spend your summer holidays In Sardinia


Little Fashion Gallery, Smallable, My little attitude, Claude Hontoir, Limonsoda, PèPè children’s shoes, Muchacha, Talc, Soeur, Bontpoint, Rita co Rita