A Swiss citizen coming for the watch industry, Celine Bertin loves comfort, especially if combined with fun and style.  She launched her brand Feel at ease around regressive cocooning and home wear. In simpler words, her  collection plays with the desire to return to childhood, when we felt free, playful and safe, and with a craving for deep cosiness.

No better item to translate this than jumpsuits (or “combi” in French, short name for combinaison), which are the main ingredient in Feel at Ease’s range, declined in bright colours with elements borrowed form work wear and urban sports. The low waist, loose shape and contrasted trims translate a cool attitude,  while the use of soft cotton brings the comfort element.

The Union Suit, in light grey or heather charcoal is just what you need in winter when you opt for a lazy PJ day next to the fireplace. The collection also offers accessories such as leg warmers, boxer shorts and mittens.

After a long experience in marketing and communication in the watch industry, 40 years old and mother of young teens, Celine Bertin decided it was time to launch a little adventure of her own. She launched Feel at Ease at the end of 2011 with great support form her husband who she confesses “supports me in every steps, brings me a masculine eye and lots of ideas”.

It was from the start very important to make this adventure an exclusively european adventure. All models are designed and drawn in the French-Swiss area of the jura mountains (where Mr Le Corbusier is from!), and fully manufactured in Europe by artisans known for their reliability and for the quality of their work. A good part of the production is made in Portugal, which allowed Celine to strengthen links with the country where her father immigrated from, and even to practice Portuguese that she is now proud to speak rather… at ease.

Adepts of decompressing, relaxing, loitering, lazing around, lounging, chilling out and any way of feeling good, Feel at Ease is for you, from size 2-3 years to xl.