Brand : Noé & Zoë Berlin  – Company name : Noé & Zoë GmbH
Website :
Date of creation : Summer 2011
Country of origin : Germany
Countries of production : Portugal, Poland & Turkey
Name of owner/founder : Nici Zinell

Number of employees : 5
Number of sales points : About 100+, including Sweet WilliamPetit Pomme in South Korea, Thumbeline in Los Angeles, Advice form a Caterpillar in Toronto
Number of countries in which the brand is present : 20
Own e-store : yes – it was created in 2012
Own store : No
Company statement or tag line : We dedicate every piece to the endless imagination of children!
What makes the brand stand out : Our handmade prints and strong colours on easy to wear comfortable kids clothing & our dress up accessories (capes, crowns, tutus & wings)
A quote from a client or journalist : ʻA rising Star .. History is full of dynamic duos. Kermit and Miss Piggy. Bert and Ernie. Batman and Robin (…) add Noé & Zoë to the list!ʻ
Product categories : Clothing for kids and babies, accessories and homewear
How many pieces per collection : about 60
Main materials used : Cotton
Agents and distributors :  Vida Kids (UK), Nordic Edition (Scandinavia)
Your trade show planning for next season : We love Playtime! Paris, New York and Tokyo!
Plans for the future :
*to enlarge our collection *to become organic *to keep our customers satisfied and aquire even more beautiful stockists around the world! *to keep having as much fun at work!
Name of the photographer (images shown here) : Paul Rossaint