The 5th collection by Very French Gangsters features new shapes, sophisticated frames, fantasy vintage plates and co-branding. It’s the story of kids who love their glasses, the story of a community that keeps growing, the story of a brand that gains more followers each season.

Teaming with French-Italian brand Maison Olga is the occasion for Very French Gangsters to dress up their iconic BIG DEEP frame in a black and yellow. A vintage, graphic touch that fits perfectly with Maison Olga’s love for great materials, textures and attention to detail.

In addition to these sunglasses, a smart and playful hair clips line has been developed. Made in France, in acetate (mais oui, that makes sense!), the line draws inspiration from the geometry of art deco and surrealism.

Photos by Michelle Marshall, Graphic Design by Laurène Kerbiriou, Make up Tiffany Fouqueil, Models

Blanche, Charlotte, Cora, Éléanor, Ific, Jeannette, Joséphine, Léonardo, Lou, Louka, Maïa, Ninda, Oscar, Roméo, Solal. What an incredibly nice list of names; anyone pregnant looking for inspiration?

For wholesale inquiries, contact: (France) (Benelux) (Portugal and Brasil) (USA and Canada)