Screen capture: Mother & child interviews revisited - Paris Playtime

New Screen Capture: Parent & Child interviews revisited. Playtime Paris exhibition 2019

Screen Capture exhibition: Parent and Child interviews revisited. January 26 - 28 2019 In a fast-paced ever-changing world it’s important to occasionally stop and reflect on things done, and experiences shared. Pirouette’s Parent & Child interviews provide a snapshot in time…

Milk&Biscuits Photographed By Michelle Marshall

Milk&Biscuits' F/W 16 collection was shot by Michelle Marshall , inspired by the wonderfully dysfunctional depiction of family life in Wes Anderson’s movies. The images have a dense texture, their colours bring an appropriate smell of Autumn.

Play is Work : Leather, Felted Wool and Organic Cotton

The new Play is Work collection by Kaija Vogel cleverly brings together functionality, style and the love for simple, beautiful materials. Spot on this truly innovative line from London.

Love Stories By Very French Gangsters

The 5th collection by Very French Gangsters features new shapes, sophisticated frames, fantasy vintage plates and co-branding. It’s the story of kids who love their glasses, the story of a community that keeps growing, the story of a brand that gains more followers each…

Milk&Biscuit by Michelle Marshall

Milk & Biscuits' AW15 collection is called "North". Like a journey into a vast snow capped landscape, reflecting a collection all in volume and layers. The photos were taken in Iceland by Michelle Marshall.

Milk and Biscuits shot by Michelle Marshall

They won an award at the last Playtime Paris edition and were in everybody's lips : Milk and Biscuits, a brand launched by Kate Smith, a Brit based in Shanghai. Their colourful and fresh collection was shot by Michelle Marshall. Like the vibrant and textured pieces of the…

Michelle Marshall’s photos at Playtime Paris

Inspired by the arctic regions, the polar cold, explorers’ expeditions, inuit culture and clothing, Michelle Marshall created a beautiful series of simple portraits.  They will be on display at Playtime Paris this week end.

Lola, 6 years old – London, UK

Lola lives in North London with her parents and younger sister Sissi. She is a little editor at Anorak magazine. Her mother Michelle Marshallis the owner of and founder of the blog which was shortlisted for the 2010 Cosmopolitan Blog Awards.The…