Brand name : Atsuyo et Akiko

Company name : Atsuyo et Akiko

Website :

Country of origin : USA

Countries of production : Tees that are hand silkscreened in Brooklyn, NY; all bags and accessories made in USA

Date of creation : April 2007

Name of the founders : Atsuyo Yang and Akiko Mukae

Number of employees : 8

Number of sales points : 3 stores that are loyal to you ABC Carpet & Home, Sweet William, KISAN

Where to find the brand online?  Our online store, at, Sweet William at, Nonchalant Mom at

Own e-store ? Yes,

Company statement or tag line : Storytelling, Imagination and Quality.

What makes the brand unique ? ATSUYO ET AKiKO – by  Atsuyo Yang & Akiko Mukae – offers a selection of children’s and women’s clothing, home décor, bags, accessories and jewelry for everyday use.  Yang and Mukae bring you a fresh approach to fashion and accessories design. The two share an affinity for screen-printed images  that bring illustration to ordinary everyday items that tell a story. With Yang’s fashion background and Mukae’s in fine arts, together they are combining the best of their experience and talent to bring their own world of imagination and storytelling to life through art expressed in clothing and accessories.  Made in Brooklyn NY with local artisans.

How many pieces per collection ? No seasonal collection.

Main materials used : Cotton with sparkle material such as glitter and sequins.

Your trade show planning for next season? We are attending Playtime Paris, Playtime New York and NY NOW.

Plans for the future : We are planning to open pop up shop in NYC this fall.