LUCKYBOYSUNDAY was established on a Sunday in August 2007 by Camilla Koerschen and Camilla Ebdrup, two friends who met at a small design school in Copenhagen. On school days, the pair was always talking and dreaming about creating something particular together. One day they just got tired of just talking about it; they gave life to the toys that already existed in their imagination. All products, dolls, cushions are knitted in 100% alpaca.





Camilla and Camilla, tell us a little bit about your design…
Actually we design stuff that we would like to have at home ourselves, so we do not exclusively design for kids. But that said, creating for kids is fantastic: they are so honest and open to differences and there are no fashion limits concerning trends and season colours.
What is your inspiration behind your collections?
We find our inspiration everywhere: looking at streetart, funny people passing by, our friends, nightmares, childhood memories, graphic patterns, etc.
If you had to choose a favorite item from your collections what would it be?
We really adore Danny Doll because of his fancy fingernails, but also Beauty Baby and the Sad Joe Pillows are very dear to us.
What’s new in the collection?
Our special xmas items will be out at the end of October.
On top of that, we are introducing a ”pop-up product”, which will appear at the same time, but for now it is a deep secret what it is… all we can say is that little girls will be ecstatic when it shows!


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LUCKYBOYSUNDAY is available at Little circus Brussels, Nobodinoz Barcelona, Couverture London, Caravan London, Kido Store Australia and many other wonderful stores around the world.