The “Me and My Doll” project bridges environmental responsibility and fair trade standards with playfulness and good craftsmanship.  To create these dolls, designer Alexa Lixfeld teamed up with a group of Sri Lankan children as well as Selyn, an organization in Sri Lanka that manufactures and exports handloom textiles and handicrafts. Based on children’s drawings (students of grades one, two and three), the dolls, standing about 12” tall, are hand woven using 100% cotton fabrics and printed with non-toxic dyes.  The dolls come in six different personas and are matched as precisely as possible to the original drawings. Lixfeld and Selyn are both making an earnest effort to foster “the intellectual, social, ethical, moral, spiritual and emotional development of the less fortunate children of Sri Lanka”. For more information about those moving, very genuine dolls, visit