Brand name: Velveteen
Company name : Velveteen International Limited
Date of creation: 14 April 2013

Country of origin: California brand, temporarily based in exciting Asia.
Countries of production: India, Peru, France, Portugal, China
Name of owner/ founder(s): Markus Egloff (owner) Laura Egloff (CEO)

Number of employees: Currently around 25
Number of sales points: 150-200
In how many countries is the brand present? 20

Own e-store? Yes,
Own brick and mortar store? Yes,  Lee Gardens Two – Hong Kong, K11 Musea  Hong Kong & coming soon Notting Hill – UK

Where to find the brand online? Smallable, Alex and Alexa, Neiman Marcus…..the list is long but distinguished.

Company statement or tag line? Childhood, with style.

What makes the brand unique/ stand out? We focus on doing well by doing good, creating all of our own prints and working closely to develop sustainable uses for our scrap fabrics and manufacturing practices. We’re design led at every turn and believe that fashion can and should make a difference.

A quote from a client or journalist?  “Laura is very clever lady from design to business strategy. It’s no wonder Velveteen is going from strength to strength with this queen bee in the driving seat.”  Katie Kendrick.

Product categories / products names? Clothing / accessories/ home.

How many pieces per collection? Too many. 180 total across all categories.
Main materials used?  Cotton Lurex is a big fav.

Your trade show planning for next season? Playtime Paris and NY, Pitti Bimbo

Plans for the future?  World domination ;-)

Name of the photographer & stylist for accompanying SS19 images? Photographer
Lisa Sorgini & Styling/Art Direction Beck Marshall (Editor & Creative Director of

Velveteen clothing SS19, swimsuits

Velveteen kicking back for some readin

Velveteen ss19

Velveteen ss19

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