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Date of creation: 10 years ago
Country of origin: Paris, France
Country (ies) of delivery : Worldwide
Name of owner/founder(s): Nathalie Genty
Number of employees: Approximately 50

Do you have a physical store (if yes please detail): No, we are an e-commerce site only.
Approx number of brands stocked: Over 120!

3 brands/ labels that represent the store: Bonpoint, Tiny Cottons, Gucci – there is something for every mom at Melijoe, whether your little one is big or small or your style is classic, trendy or designer.

Company statement/ philosophy or tag line: Kids love fashion – straight from Paris.

Describe your customer: The Melijoe mom is international, modern and loves fashion. Most of all, she loves sharing her passion for style with her little ones. She’s not afraid to mix boutique, up-and-coming and high-end labels and enjoys exploring fashion with her kids according to their personalities.

What should your customers expect of you: A huge range of choice, inspired and inspirational fashion articles in our magazine section, exciting first-looks and exclusive items and fast, efficient delivery and customer service all around the world.

Product categories (eg clothing / accessories/ home): Children’s clothing and accessories
Standard delivery times: All items shipped in under 72h
Returns policy: Returns accepted within 28 days

How do customers find offers: Sign up to our newsletters on the website for the latest offers, competitions and news. AND don’t forget to follow us on social

If your store was a snack what would it be?
La crêpe française – sweet, versatile (you can personalize it as you like!) and always a favourite!

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