Independents opening their own flagship store seems to be something we are seeing with labels of late. This is not to say they are moving away from wholesale but rather creating a central base to project their brand identity. Also compared with wholesale and online it’s a way to connect with the end consumer, engage, and even test the water with your new product ideas. If you experience what is selling in your own store first hand you can adapt future collections with relevant knowledge of the end consumer in mind.

In this store profile feature we first take a look at Cherrypapaya’s new flagship store in Porto, then we talk with founder Sandra Barradas during Pitti Bimbo 86 about the label…….

What is the name of your store and where it located? Cherrypapaya Store is located in Aviz, Porto. Aviz is a premium shopping area in Porto.

How important is the location? For us it was very important to find a shop in a well known accessible location where mothers could easily park and shop.

When did you open your bricks & mortar store? We opened on November 11th 2017.

When did you start to sell online? March 2014

Do you feel having a bricks and mortar store helps your online presence? We feel that with the store opening there was increased visibility, brand awareness, customers understand the product better.

What percentage of total sales does the bricks and mortar represent? 70% online shop 30% bricks and mortar store.

Could you please talk to us about the past year with your store and what you have planned for the future? We just opened last November (bricks and mortar)… For the future we plan to create customer dynamic through dedicated events and capsule product launches.




How do you source the labels you carry? This season we started with Cherrypapaya and a Colaboration with Coolis Shoes. For next season we have already picked some accessories and shoe brands that we have found in trade shows Playtime and Pitti Bimbo. Most of the brands we’ll have in our store will be new brands never before shown in Portugal.

Finally, describe your store in terms of personality and something unique about your store? It all begins with our passion and belief for our product, we have a fun confortable product that kids love with great quality. Once this vision passes on to the customer they come back…! Our favorite comments are mother’s saying their kids demand to wear our clothes!

The shop sets the mood, the overall tone, it was designed to make our collections easier to show as well as showcasing some of the inspirational objects behind them. Also to seamlessly integrate our lifestyle concept: directional, easy, organic.

Cherrypapaya flagship store


Interview with Sandra Barradas of CHERRYPAPAYA


CherryPapaya Kids
Rua Pedro Homem de Melo, 270
4150-599 Porto, Aviz