The 24th edition of Playtime Paris was an expansive show with a large range of new and existing brands to try and see. Whilst the show was jam packed with some great collections it was also incredibly hot! Playtime Paris #24 saw an increase in super stands, super strong lifestyle sections and quality marketing gestures making for super brand awareness.

For this report we look at the Coming to America seminar, the balance between a no picture policy and immediacy of collection awareness, plus we share some Pirouette #CoupDeCoeur from the show.

Quality gestures make for super brand awareness

There were over 500 children’s fashion, lifestyle and maternity labels exhibiting at the show. So how do brands get buyer’s and press attention? Be smart and inventive… The New Society (one of Pirouette’s One to Watch winners this season) were handing out functional and beautiful woven fans. I lost track of the amount of times I was asked ‘Where did you get that fan!?’ I replied ‘ The New Society’ sending the enquirer off in their direction. Meanwhile Sticky Lemon, produced the same effect with the most covetable cord tote bag, complete with an eye catching towelling lemon patch. Finally, Bobo Choses handed out a postcard to promote their ‘To Make A Garden’ SS19 collection. The postcard, infused with seeds so that you can plant it and have the wonderful possibility of either camomile or carrots sprouting.

The moral of the story being that thoughtful and quality marketing gestures capture one’s attention and works to get the word out for you then and there.

bobo choses ss19 - Playtime Paris #24 show report

Bobo choses - Playtime Paris #24 show report

The rise of the super stands.

Six/ Seven years ago if you were to visit Playtime Paris many of the exhibitors preferred to use the grey mottled undressed stand boards as the back drop to their collections. Opting to decorate with a logo, possibly strong imagery, and flowers etc. Flash forward to recent times the stands are mostly fabric dressed with labels wishing to project a more luxury aesthetic. However, this season we see the development of the super stands at the show. The shopping experience is ever more key in retail, so why not in wholesale…the buyers here are also shopping and consuming. Obviously, not every brand has the budget but it’s worth noting the shift.

Bonton - Playtime Paris #24 show report


Meraki - Playtime Paris #24 show report
Wheat - Playtime Paris #24 show report
Mum of Six SS19 - Playtime Paris #24 show report
Mum of Six


Coming to America.

Clare & Louise from Global Beginnings gave a seminar on the intricacies of a label ‘Coming to America’. The American market is of real interest to Pirouette as well as many emerging brands. The seminar took place at 8.30am on the Sunday, just prior to the show starting at 9.30am meaning there was a great uptake by exhibitors, with over 60 brands signed up. Both Clare and Louise did a great job in the limited time discussing landed prices, US metal restrictions and suggesting resources to help brands looking for more information on targeting the US market.

Useful business seminars in the morning prior to the opening of the show is a great addition. More please Playtime!

Global Beginnings Coming to America Seminar - Playtime Paris #24 show report

No picture policy, a balance between copy protection and creating awareness of your collection.

I wanted to quickly touch upon the problem of balancing the protection of your designs with giving your collections the exposure they deserve. Some of the established medium independents have experienced their work being copied so understandably have decided upon a ‘no pictures’ policy during the trade show season. This must however, have an adverse affect on the awareness of the collection and how the label is to promote their new pieces during this period. We could also question whether it’s an effective method in deterring plagiarism, if indeed this is the objective? There are several really great and interesting collections by fabulous labels that it’s impossible to champion during the selling season due to the ‘no pictures’ policy.

Of course it is up to the individual labels whether they permit press taking pictures of their work/collections and then sharing it, but I can’t help thinking that what you may gain in protection maybe undone by the loss of visibility amongst press and buyers. There are more and more hungry new brands entering the market vying for attention. We don’t know what the solution is but it’s a topic for discussion.

If you would like to send us your thoughts on the topic please send to

The lifestyle section, super strong this edition.

What a lovely morning walking the aisles of the lifestyle section at Playtime. Lots of new discoveries & lots to look at…


Hevea - Playtime Paris #24 show report

Hevea - Playtime Paris #24 show report

Children’s products made with natural rubber from the tree Hevea Brasiliensis, in Malaysia.
The Duck, frog and fish are super cute and even better natural! website

Little Unicorn

Little Unicorn muslins - Playtime Paris #24 show report

There are many muslins on the market but Little Unicorn is doing something a little different.
Lovely rich colours and prints. Very covetable. website

Don’t Cry Wolf

Don't Cry Wolf - Playtime Paris #24 show report

Don't cry Wolf night lights - Playtime Paris #24 show report

Hand crafted night lights. The unicorn, dinosaur, bunny etc can be bought individually. One day you might feel like a dinosaur and the next day, a wolf. website 

Jelly Cat

Jelly Cat fruit - Playtime Paris #24 show report

Jelly Cat fruit - Playtime Paris #24 show report

Fruit and Vegetables new line – super cute! website


Nogaravin - Playtime Paris #24 show report

Animal hand shadow puppets, really fun and inventive design for children. website

Play in Choc

Play in choc chocolates - Playtime Paris #24 show report

Organic choc + the cutest animal toy to assemble. Every aspect is thoughtfully designed. The various rabbits are adorable and the organic dairy free chocolate is delicious. A real favourite, and great addition to add to a children’s boutique. website


Banwood bicycles - Playtime Paris #24 show report

Our favourite balance bike makers have unveiled that they will produce a small run of rose wood pedal bikes. Available in pink (as pictured) and in white. Very pretty! website

Pirouette #CoupDeCouer Playtime Paris #24

Petite Amalie

Beautiful fresh Australian style.

Petite Amalie SS19 - Playtime Paris #24 show report

Petite Amalie SS19 - Playtime Paris #24 show report

All the way from Melbourne Australian, this is a really beautiful fresh collection. Well worth checking out as there are some really lovely pieces in the collection. Nice curation by Smallable at the New Now Space. website


Little circus shoes, Italy at its best. 

Pepe circus shoes - Playtime Paris #24 show report
From Italian luxury shoe producer, it was love at first sight. website

Fish & Kids 

Colourful, eye catching embroidery.

Fish and Kids SS19 - Playtime Paris #24 show report

Eye catching colourful embroidered dress by Spanish label Fish And Kids. website


Architectural minimalism.

Annice SS19 - Playtime Paris #24 show report

Really subtle detailing, lovely collection. website

Konges Slojd

Home/ lifestyle, Scandinavian Lux.

Konges Slojd SS19 - Playtime Paris #24 show report

Konges Slojd SS19 - Playtime Paris #24 show reportJust a little piece from their collection makes you want to join the tasteful indviduals and followers of Konges Soljd. Also,  a really lovely team behind this brand. If you haven’t looked at the collection yet you must! website

Maison Mangostan 

Towelling sandal 

Maison Mangostan SS19 - Playtime Paris #24 show report

Towelling is everywhere, so why not in sandals! website.


Favourite Korean Discovery.

Mimiciel SS19 - Playtime Paris #24 show report

mimiciel SS19 - Playtime Paris #24 show report

Diffusion children’s line from the Korean women’s line. Something very eye catching about the oversized garments,
ruffles etc and strong block colours. Love this collection. website

The New Society

New Spanish brand with everything ready to go!

The New Society SS19 - Playtime Paris #24 show report

Looking for a new brand with wide enough collection, knitwear, cottons, a sport lux mix, strong branding and imagery then take a look at  The New Society. We chose them as our Pirouette One to Watch Winner in Italy. website

Pirouette Screen Capture: Modern Beauty?

A big thank you to all the artists who took part in the exhibition and of course to Playtime. The exhibition was very well received, and I had some really wonderful chats with people during the show. It brilliant that we’re opening up a dialogue about interesting subjects using creative mediums, it’s what Screen capture is all about, exploring, questioning, creating and appreciating.

Pirouette Screen Capture: Modern Beauty - Playtime Paris #24 show report

Participating Artists

The heat.

Finally just a quick mention about the heat at the show. It  couldn’t be ignored! The high temperatures made it tricky for the exhibitors, buyers, visitors and press alike. Speaking with Playtime they are aware of the situation and will be looking at a solution for next year. Nobody wants a sweaty greeting kiss with colleagues & customers… ;-)


Playtime Paris #24
30 June – 2 July, 2018
Parc Floral

main image by Bobo Choses