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The next Bubble London show will take place on January 30-31. Among the show organizer’s favorites are – Waddler (top picture) “Waddler means fun and freedom. About children using their imagination to create their own beautiful and wild world. We also care about the world we live in and our clothes are made from natural materials produced to fair trade standards” – Old Rectory (bottom picture) “The brand debuts its unique print collection of organic clothing and accessories for babies and children, aged 0 to 6. Fresh yet nostalgic prints inspired by rural life and family scrapbooks adorn baby blankets, pyjamas and day wear” – Chalk “it is as British as it is possible to be and combines understated design, a flair for details, gorgeous fabrics and top quality production to make clothes for little girls that are as stylish as those of their parents” – Dando Dodo “Unique, timeless, limited edition pieces, at reasonable prices. We source rare fabrics of the highest quality, and never produce more than thirty pieces per style. We offer stand out clothes for stand out kids”.

A new introduction this season: a section called Bubble GUM, featuring accessories, books, jewelry and other products from new brands and young designers. “A new treasure trove for those unusual, hard to find products that are glorious, unique and marvellous in equal” the organizers say.