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Another Bubble London, another consistent message from the exhibitors : they are very happy with their show. Is it because Bubble London is small? Because the UK buyers don’t travel much? According to a survey published by CWB, only 20% of them do their buying at overseas shows. It might be the combination of many elements, and whatever they are it is always pleasant to visit a show where people are happy and positive. At the entrance of Bubble, an exhibit by London store Kidsen, encouraging retailers to focus on strong windows/visual displays.



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Wallpaper is back, no doubt. It has become the main ingredient in stand’s decoration. Above, The Old rectory and P’tit Chic de Paris.


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A young man is wearing an Alpaca fur hat and sweater from Waddler, a brand created by his parents. Above his picture, the irresistible knits from Kidscase; below, the successful message tees and dresses from Dandy Star.  Each season, the brand comes up with fresh, exciting new products and graphics. Here below, Little Ducklings (very beautiful collection (their 3rd I think) – very attractive prices) and K for Keeps, a new comer at the show.


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It is sometimes a frustration to visit shows and not to have a store. If I’d had one, I would definitively have picked No added sugar, Hucklebones, Popupshop, Lucky boy Sunday, Pale Cloud, Waddler, Little ducklings, Dandy Star, Kidscase. I would also have added pieces from Boutons (dresses, skirts, jackets, PJ’s – all from traditional handmade fabrics from India) and from Nyoki (merino+kit mohair handknits from Kosovo).


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Fashion Bible Trends expo. (Colorful trunk by Deluna Kids)


A few more facts on UK retailers (Source : CWB) * Were sales for 2010 up or down on 2009? Up 41% – same 28 % – down 31% * Where do you do your buying? UK shows 66% overseas shows 20% – showrooms 66% – agents visiting stores 56% * Have you changed your buying budget for A/W 11? Cutting back 44% – staying same 39% – investing more 17% * Do you plan to drop any labels for A/W 11? YES 71% – introduce any new labels YES 60% 58% of retailers say that online sales are an important part of their business and 66% will focus on investing in website/online sales for 2011*