Take a minute during CIFF KIDS to discover Pirouette’s installation looking at the role of some of the key players in the business of kids’ fashion & lifestyle. Agents, designers, manufacturers – articles and interviews taken from Pirouette over the years. Located at the centre of the installation you’ll find Pirouette’s ‘Coup de Coeur’ floral & polaroid heart display.

Along with the installation, kids’ fashion editor & consultant Katie Kendrick will be walking the aisles on the look out for products, pieces & collections that catch her eye to be selected as a Pirouette ‘Coup de Coeur’.

Brands selected will receive the Pirouette ‘Coup De Coeur’ eye to display at their stand, plus a polaroid portrait to be added to the heart of the installation. We’ll be sharing the ‘Coup de Coeur’’ Spring / Summer ’23 selections and posting about why they stood out!

“Last season there was so much joy – as the first day of CIFF was also the first day in Denmark of no masks. Now flash forward to the Summer edition of CIFF KIDS – first show in the calendar & now stand alone. There is nothing quite like seeing the collections, and talking with the designers in person. I’m so interested to see how the new changes are received by brands & buyers and can’t wait to being together again!”
Katie Kendrick, Pirouette


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19-21 June