For this edition #23 commencing Saturday the 27th of January at the Parc Floral de Paris Playtime Paris embraces the theme of mutation ‘changeover’. Throughout the three days there will be over 540 brands to discover, including 100 new exhibitors. With this edition’s trends: Agricool, Flow and Renew, Playtime has invited some exciting designers to interpret the themes.

The Playtime team sincerely believe that fashion has a role to play in outlining the world of tomorrow. As such Playtime have supported a number of socially conscious  and creative exhibitions taking place over the three days – by Marie Claire Enfant, Doolittle, Pirouette and Frederique Daubal for Kid’s Wear Magazine. We for one can’t wait for the 23rd edition of Playtime Paris to discover all the new collections, new exhibitors and lap up Playtime’s unique creative environment. So let’s share a little more of what to look out for…

‘A girl in this world’

A girl in this world exhibition by Pirouette. image by Michelle Marshall
Image by Michelle Marshall

Around the world girls face different challenges over being born female. Their right to be here, to learn, make their own decisions, forge their own future, to simply own their own land or pursue their dreams should not be questioned, but yet remains a work in progress…We want to thank Playtime for collaborating with Pirouette for our Screen capture exhibition ‘A girl in this world’.

Pirouette asks the question  “What does it mean to be a girl in this world? ” to 10 international female photographers working in the kid’s fashion industry. Each photographer is asked to respond to the question with an  image of their making and an accompanying text. The aim of the exhibition is to celebrate and promote International female photographers working in the kid’s fashion sector whilst allowing them to explore the theme of what it means to be a girl today.

We want to thank Playtime for collaborating with the Pirouette Screen capture exhibition ‘a girl in this world’ and thank our wonderful group of female photographers for taking part!

Photographers participating:

●  Michelle Marshall 
●  Manuela Franjou 
●  Zoe Adlersberg  @zoes_photo
 Amanda Pratt 
●  Julia Bostock 
●  Abi Campbell   @abicampbellphotgraphy 
●  Joanna Paterson @jojessicapaterson
●  Priscilla Gragg 
●  Theresa Balderas @theresabalderas 

 Molly Magnuson @mollymagnuson 

Location: North Resting Area

Feature image by Julia Bostock
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Online here from Monday 29 January 

More than a trade show, Playtime Paris supports social conscious & creative exhibitions

Marie Claire Enfants:  Organic cotton, Beautiful Cotton 

Location: South Resting Area 


Doolittle: Agricool seen by Dootlittle 

Location: Entree Nord


Frederique Daubal for Kid’s Wear Magazine 

Location: Press Kiosk

Trend Spaces/Invited artists


The trend of Agricool will be interpreted by Sophie larger & Stéphanie Buttier. You can check out their work here /


The trend of Flow will be interpreted by Laure Devenelle. Check out Laure’s work here


The trend of Renew will be interpreted by Mélanie Clénet. Check out her work here

All located: Children’s Trend Space

Labels we are looking forward to see amongst others…

Tuchinda, Velveteen, Miss L Ray, Repose AMS, Mabli, Anchovy, Lulu & Nat, Banwood, Lulaland, Lali (showing here for the first time) and much more……..

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