Early Puberty Epidemics : Why And How To Avoid It?

In the Western world, puberty "normally" happens around the age of 11-12. But that is shifting towards a younger age, and it is rather sad. For an 8 year old for instance,  it means dealing with complicated physical and psychological matters too early, loosing one's innocence…

Meditate on this

Elsewhere, Pirouette has remarked on the benefits of meditation for children, and simple ways that healthier classroom habits have improved school results. So it's natural to highlight this move at the margins of American schooling to make meditation part of the curriculum.…

Children and meditation

“If every 8 year old in the world is taught meditation, we will eliminate violence from the world within one generation”, the Dalai Lama said. All people practicing meditation recognise the benefits of this powerful technique : more energy and focus, clearer thinking, reduced…

Sunday Video : Fed Up

I have to insist on the importance of a good nutrition. Maybe it will help to watch the trailer of the movie Fed Up with your children (from age 8) as they will better understand what you are talking about when you stop buying cookies and when you put keep veggies on the……

Sunday Video : Special Pregnant Women

PROTECT YOUR CHILDREN AGAINST CELL PHONE RADIATIONS Cell phone radiations are detrimental to our health. The most vulnerable are children, and even more foetus. If you are pregnant and want to maximise your child's health and good development, take a look at this video. 

Is your children’s wardrobe safe?

The textile industry is known to use massive quantities of chemicals. How do these toxic components affect the body, what are they exactly, how to protect your children and yourself ? Little overview of the whole fabric chain + testimony from organic brand designers.

Early Puberty Epidemic

There is a focus around health theses days on Pirouette, which reflects a rather sad reality : we live in a world that has become very toxic. I hope it helps raising awareness, to grow robust kids. The world will need all their intelligence and strength to invent new ways of…

Protection Against Cell Phones

We all know, or at least we have the intuition, that  electromagnetic waves and fields (EMFs) have an effect on our health. UK studies have just shown that cell phone use in children and teens translates into 5 times greater increase in brain cancer.  Here's about how to protect…

Meet Rachel Parent , 13 y old Food Activist

Kids Right to Know  was founded by Rachel Parent, a 13 yrs old, who became one of the anti-Gmo movement’s most serious campaigners and gives new meaning to the term “youth activism.”

Sunday Video : keeping contact with earth

When we were kids we were going barefoot a lot, at least I was, during the 2 months of summer holidays. A good habit to keep... Take a look at this short animated video to understand what's behind the concept of earthing. Off the shoes, and for your good health, don't hesitate…

On Healthy Eating Habits For Kids And The Family

What's for diner tonight maman? Do you, like me, often struggle with the answer? Yamina Bona, Nutritional Therapist in London and mother of 3, author of the blog eat well live well, shares tips and ideas on how to embark on healthy habits, without going mad.

Helping children to identify toxic friend behaviour

Photos by Chinese photographer Chen Jiagang showcase a world devastated by industrialisation. This world made me thing of another form of pollution : toxic relations. Here's a bit more on the subject, with the aim to help children getting clarity when it comes to friendship.