Elsewhere, Pirouette has remarked on the benefits of meditation for children, and simple ways that healthier classroom habits have improved school results. So it’s natural to highlight this move at the margins of American schooling to make meditation part of the curriculum. Coding classes, Chinese lessons, Business Skills  for youngsters… We’re all trying to second guess the professions of the future.

With the pace of technological change as fast as it is, can we possibly anticipate the most sought-after skills that productive citizens will be called upon to bring to the workforce? What better preparation for life – professional and personal – than developing a spirit of awareness, of readiness and poise in the face of challenge and opportunity. Chalkboard classrooms are still stuck with Fordist modes of education for a Fordist model of production. No wonder then that many parents and kids are opting for untraditional ways to learn. We’re all still working on a curriculum for the 21st Century. “More than 90 schools in 13 states now teach meditation” in the United States, according to a recent overview of teaching meditation in schools: meditation should make the grade.