We all know, or at least we have the intuition, that  electromagnetic waves and fields (EMFs) have an effect on our health. UK studies have just shown that cell phone use in children and teens translates into 5 times greater increase in brain cancer.  Here’s about how to protect you and your family.

If you do an online search about the subject, you will find an avalanche of articles. It is very interesting to understand how things work, what is the level of danger and what can be done to help creating protection. Reading about the subject is even more relevant if you are pregnant, or if your children use cell phones, as their brain, not fully developed, is more vulnerable.

Our house hold is fully equipped with little protection devices for computers and mobiles. Don’t ask me how they work; I can only tell you they work extremely well, as we have witnessed through muscle biofeedback (kinesiology test).

I highly recommend the following companies : EnergyDOTS (they sell flat protections, ideal for mobiles (£25), as well as a whole range of products) – Phoneshield, with their round, funky protections (£15), ideal for teenager – Mega Protect (France, €25), Onde Home (34€).

If you don’t use protections, here’s some basic rules, based on common sense :

1. Never hold the phone directly against your head or body : when speaking on a cell phone use speakerphone, or wired
earpieces, or hands-free devices, or air-tube earpieces.
2. When it’s on, don’t carry a cell phone close to the body. Examples: don’t carry a cell phone in your pocket, don’t
tuck a cell phone into your bra. Even when you’re not using your cell phone, it emits radiation while it’s on.
3. Beware of weak signal : when signal strength is weak or blocked, your phone works harder and emits higher radiation. Use a corded landline more often.
4. Keep it away from children : children will absorb at least twice as much microwave radiation as adults. Pregnant women should keep cell phones away from their abdomens.
5. Don’t sleep with your cell phone nearby : you go to sleep but your cell phone doesn’t. It always emits radiation while it’s on. Don’t put your phone under your pillow, don’t put it on a bedside table, don’t put it near anyone who is sleeping.
from mail online.

Distance is your friend when it comes to electromagnetic emissions. The fine print warning that comes with the Android says, ‘Keep it 2.54 centimeters from the pregnant abdomen or the abdomen of a teenager.’ …Nobody reads it. The iPhone 4S has fine print warnings also to not to put it in your pocket.”

“Cellphone radiation weakens membranes everywhere. It weakens the blood-brain barrier”, explains Dr Devra Davis. This means that the natural, self-defence mechanism of the body doesn’t work anymore, and toxic substances such as heavy metals and chemicals/hormone disruptors can enter the cells and be stored in the body.

This is why it is important to adopt and stick to a healthy lifestyle that will boost the immune system (eat a well balanced diet, stay away from processed food, exercise, sleep well, avoid un-necessary stress…).

Note that plants can also provide a natural barrier against electromagnetic fields, especially cactus, so if you have a green thumb it is a good addition. A salt crystal lamp will also help as salt neutralises EMFs.

Here’s a video by Dr Mercola : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qvw0YnLdzps&list=TLGGkuD1oq6mgQoyNDA1MjAxNw

PS : It is very important to share this information with other parents. The situation is even more serious than what I thought when I wrote this article a couple of months ago. I recently met a paediatrician who said they see 1 new case of child with brain timor every week now at the Sao Joao Hospital in Porto, when it used to be only  rare and random cases. I am starting a series of presentations in schools. If you want to do the same in your town/school/community, feel free to ask some advice and content.