The new great Kat en Muis, children store / Brussels

Kat and Muis (cat and mouse), one of the well established and respected children's stores in Brussels just had a great make over, and moved location. The space, a mix of concrete and wood, displays brands such as Ten, Maan, Simple Kids, Max and Lola, Finger in the Nose, Pepe…

Jippi, the cool pop up in Le Marais, Paris

Jippi means Hurray!  or Victory! in Norsk - Its also a Paris-based brand founded by Siv Tone Kverneland, a Norvegian who moved to France in her twenties to study fashion. Jippi’s aim is to promote past and present Norwegian design and savoir-faire, using both natural and…

New Design Store : Magasin M1 in Paris

Magasin M1 is a new design store in Paris, located in the vibrant "Docks en Seine" that also hosts La Cite de la Mode. Decorative objects, furniture, lighting, but also tableware, jewelery and books for enthusiasts of innovative shapes and exceptional craftsmanship. Here's a…

Q&A with Children’s Market Place Loubilou

A new market place just for children,  Loubilou launched earlier this year and is growing fast. Interview with its co-founder and CEO Heath Kane. 

Interview with My Little Square

Cécile Renaud and Julie Garcia founded their e-store My Little Square in 2011.  A shopping place Pirouette has added to its favourites, for its clean look and wide selection of product categories that includes clothing, furniture, games& toys but also a little sawing…

Store Opening : Goat Milk, New York

New in New York, to mark in your must-visit list : a store fully dedicated to the children organic underwear brand Goat Milk, one of Pirouette's favourite labels.

F/W looks by Elias and Grace

Where do Kate Moss ,Mila Jovovich, Jude Law, Jools Oliver or Megan Fox shop for their children? At Elias and Grace, the gorgeous kids store located in Primerose Hill, where many cool Brit celebrities live. The boutique opened in 2004, the e-store in 2009 and in 2012 the brand…

New Kids store in Paris!

New in Paris! Centre Commercial Kids, a 90 sqm space dedicated to children from 0 to 14.  The store features a selection of beautiful childrenswear, accessories and toys that combine local craftmanship and ecological materials. All our favs are there : Oeuf, Bobo Choses,…

Cool Arrivals @ Sweet William

Focus on two great West Coast brands, rooted in the American tradition of outdoor, functional, comfortable clothes. Boy + Girl and ESP n.1's new collections freshly arrived at Sweet William in Manahttan, Brooklyn and online. 

Small Garden store

Small Garden, A New Children’s Store in Budapest

A little more than two years after the launch of their e-shop Small Garden in April 2011, Sikó Bori and Sikó Balázs decided to open a brick and mortar.  Located in the heart of Budapest (Hungaria), the store carries local and International brands (Ferm Living, Soft Gallery,…

Playtime Paris : Business Report

How was business at Playtime Paris last week? Brands share their opinion, speaking about signs of recovery, increased volumes ordered, lack of French buyers, growth of Asian visitors…all in a rather positive and optimistic tone.

Pom Dapi

Photos of Playtime Paris, July 2013

This edition of Playtime Paris was once again rich with lots of stimulating products and brands. The new floor plan helped spotting new labels, instead of going straight to the usual booths. Here's a few photos before the publication of a more detailed report.