This TED talk by a 13 year old boy has been around for many months, so it’s not very new. Nevertheless, it’s really a favourite that we keep showing to our friends. As thought provoking as it is entertaining, it’s another one to watch with the whole family. 

This video is also a good way to announce that Pirouette will be posting more on education, with the help of Loica Bonini. A mother of 4, Loica opted for homeschooling a few years ago, and she teaches class in both French and Spanish to her 4 boys (age 4 to 9). Loica knows not only the theory, but also the practice of education, which she applies every day in her classes.

Inspired by our conversations around education and videos we  shared on the subject (starting with the excellent Ken Robinson “RSA Animate – Changing Education Paradigms”), I invited Loica to become a Pirouette contributor.

As 13 y old Logan explains in the TED video, it requires a good dose of courage to withdraw your kids from the traditional educational system. I like to call Loica “my hero”. I hope her stories will equally inspire you and give everyone the bravery to keep looking outside of the box when it comes to education.