It’s St. Patricks Day – a day when people normally get together to celebrate the luck of the Irish and enjoy themselves… Our new reality is that this is the time to keep our distance from one another through social distancing to keep ourselves and others safe.

These are scary unprecedented times – During this world Pandemic what decisions do we make with our own families and children? How do we keep our businesses going? We were already in the midst of uncertainty prior to the arrival of the coronavirus. Covid 19 is a world issue with such human and economic consequences that environmental change is relegated to the bench for the time being.

What matters now is being safe for ourselves and others, but it’s important to also talk about the economic impact this pandemic will have on the industry. It’s not only ok but important for us to talk about the impact government measures to flatten the curve and fight the disease will have on businesses and for us in the kid’s fashion industry.

Do brands go ahead with developing SS21 collections?  Will retailers honour AW20 (or be able to honour) orders placed during the recent selling season?  Will the Summer trade shows go ahead?

With so much uncertainty our question to you is what can we do to support you the retailers, labels, manufacturers, trade shows, magazines, photographers, stylists, agents, PR, etc  to get through this and make sure the Kid’s fashion industry can dust itself off when we come through the other side.

We are here to help, if you work in the kid’s fashion industry and would like to share your concerns or views and ask questions or provide us with your story or you just want our support… please get in touch

This is the time to be ONLINE & work together to support our industry.

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