Polysensorial space Pirouette x The Society of Scent

Playtime Paris #27
Sat, 25 Jan – Mon, 27Jan 2020

The Power of Scent… be happy!

For this edition of the Screen Capture exhibition Pirouette has invited Bronx based fragrance lab The Society of Scent to challenge your senses in their Polysensorial space. Experience the captivating visuals produced by herbarium artists and photographers Jennifer Lund & Christian Mauviel (Lund + Mauviel) especially for the exhibition. Test the scents of cardamom, pink pepper, carrot and cucumber.

Highly curated raw ingredients & accompanying scents.

  • Cucumber
  • Cardamon
  • Carrots
  • Pink Pepper Corn
  • Tomato Leaf
  • Honey
  • Coconut

Visuals by herbarium artists and photographers Jennifer Lund & Christian Mauviel

Polysensorial space Pirouette x Society of Scent photographers jennifer lund christian mauviel




The Society of Scent: A collective of disruptive thinkers and shakers solid expertise in Scent and Fragrance. The Society of Scent team and their network are perfumers, brand builders and creative visionaries.

Society of Scent

About The Society of Scent

The Society of Scent is an independent scent creation lab realised by four partners: Jean Claude Delville (The Nose), Frederic Jacques, Mireya Zedejas and Beatrice Duprice. Super perfumer, Jean Claude Deville worked with the likes of Kenzo, Clinique, Jo Malone, amongst others, whilst Frederic and Mireya have both worked as experts in the luxury fragrance industry for years. Together they have sought to do something new, outside the code of the perfume industry, totally independent, which can manifest as a real physical experience, self-funded and transparent.

Focusing on the power of scent, wellbeing, knowledge, education and experience. The Society of Scent looks at the world through scent and its powers…i.e wellbeing and mood. They organise projects like the South Bronx workshops through the aptly named S.O.S. platform taken from their own initials. They work as architects of mobility, an example being how they can develop better wellness for kids through a very specific diffusion scent designed to help a child get to sleep – similar to a smart home light or thermostat. It’s possible to do the same with scent… to create a meditative room with visuals and scent, or even a portable wellness emergency scent kit.


Jean C ~laude Delville Polysensorial space Pirouette x Society of Scent

‘The nose’ – Jean Claude Delville in his own words:

“Combining colors, music notes, taking pictures or flowers arrangement were a simple passion and I knew that I could have spent long hours playing with any of these elements. As a teenager, life caught me by surprise and gave me a chance to become a perfumer, a rare job, fascinating, different, full of joy and tears. I was born in Paris France but very early, travelling, exploring and discovering new sensations were like an addiction. After many years on the road, I realized that my heart and soul would always be away from my roots and after experiencing America I realized that New York City was where I belonged and felt free to create. When life is inspiring me to create a perfume, I escape, I transcend, I forget the world and disappear into my research. It is a very particular experience. I have been called a French revolutionary and I love it, if that’s what it takes to capture a new emotion in a bottle, tell a new story, a new melody. I am a lucky man, I love what I do and I want to continue to design very special fragrances.”


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Sunday 26th June @ 12noon
Pirouette Screen Capture space

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