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Ooops, time flies! I am 3 weeks late with my report on Milano Mobile, the furniture fair…The first thing I want to share on Pirouette is Kidsroom Zoom, which was fun with its rich and colorful display of kid’s design. Books, art, furniture, installation : walking the space was like being in a museum, an experimental nursery, a concept store and a flat, all at the same time. Designers and brands included byBO DesignCOLLECT FurnitureKalon StudiosKidsonroofMomoll,NonjetableperludiWhite Elephant DesignLabninetonineNONAH!Jäll & ToftaTukluk,Kostas Syrtariotis.





My favorite part was the installation byMartine Camileri (photos below), an artist who works around food. I had a chance to flip through the pages of her  latest cooking book, a marvel of creativity. The main idea is common sense : if you help a child preparing its own food in a playful way, everything becomes more acceptable to the palate. And Martine is really a master in transforming any food into an edible piece of art. She can turn the “unattractive” veggies (celeriac, leeks, spinach, etc)  into a mouse, spider or car….

No link for the book, but clickhere if you wish to read a fun interview of Martine as a child.


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Kidsroom Zoom is currently in Graz, Austria, for the Design month (2-21 May).  I know that Paola Noe, organizer of the event, is dreaming to take it to other cities, and particularly to London…if the cap fits, wear it!