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“Flapjack” is a furniture collection designed for children by Sebastian Bergne and edited by French company The Collection. The pieces of furniture are eco-friendly (water based varnish) and they have been concieved to be children’s scale :  not too high, easy to move.They are playful, they are well designed and they are also educative. The armoire allows to hang clothes in and outside, and it serves as a measuring panel.

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In the unit “Box”, shoes or toys can be stored elegantly. Children can sit on them, but more interesting even, they can train to do their own laces.


The great Maria Montessori would have loved seeing this furniture, designed to be used by children and to encourage their autonomy, teaching them how to tidy up on their own. A big thank you to The Collection for the launch of this eco-friendly children’s furniture department called « the little Collection ». Can’t wait to see the next projects.