A bit of history with Y’a Pas Le Feu Au Lac, the Swiss design company founded by Grégory & Marie BODEL and FX BALLÉRY. Designed by Juan Pablo Cambariere, their Woostache wooden figurines are inspired by Argentinian anarchists from the beginning of the XXth Century. 

In the beginning of the XXth century thousands of immigrants came to Buenos Aires running away from war, hunger and political persecution. A few were active anarchists militants who in order to recognize each other in a new, dangerous and unexplored city created a secret code. They grew up big moustaches and played with them openly in a very specific way, with their fingers. Most historians believe that the method was originated as a mockery of this hair ornament, so common in the aristocracy. While there is no record of this, I always fantasy it was a tribute to French writer and philosopher Sébastien Faure.


Design : Juan Pablo Cambariere (Argentina)

Dimensions :

Faure : h 28 cm – l 17 cm – p 9.5 cm

Grave : h 34 cm – l 16 cm – p 9.5 cm

Reclus : h 20 cm – l 17 cm – p 9.5 cm

Materials : Beech & lime tree.

 Price : 59,90€ each