Whilst Katie was away at Playtime New York, Lulu and Hattie spent a week (with their Dad) at the world famous Edinburgh fringe, or The Fringe as it’s known. With well over 3000 shows taking place about the city Edinburgh claims to host “the single biggest celebration of arts and culture on the planet”.

Even once you have eliminated those shows probably not suitable for Lulu and Hattie (aged 9 and 6 years) there is still tonnes to see, from one man storytelling to the latest big top circus acts visiting from all over the world. So their first task was to pick some shows, which given their contrasting tastes somehow ended up easier than I’d expected. Whilst we threw in the odd big spectacular show, (which of course they loved) it was during the smaller more intimate productions where I saw them lose themselves in the performance.


Lulu and Hattie were keen to emulate their Mum’s interviews for Pirouette and talk to some of the performers from the shows they’d loved. So armed with a weary cameradad and an enthusiastic interview style they set about discovering the best of The fringe for children:


Romeo and Juliet

Rubbish Shakespeare Company

Aug 16-27 11.45am (1hr)
Pleasance Courtyard
Tickets available at Edfringe website

Charlie Baker Presents: The Greatest Goat of All Time

Off the Kerb Productions
Charlie Baker @charliebakercomedian
Sam Battersea @sambattersea

Aug 16-20, 22-26 3.00pm
Assembly George Square Gardens – Piccolo
Tickets available at Edfringe website

Better Together

Acá Theatre  @theacatheatre

Aug 16-19 10.30am (1hr)
Pleasance Courtyard
Tickets available at Edfringe website

The Story Beast Myths, Monsters & Mayhem

John Henry Falle @thestorybeast
Mandy Dassa @themandassa

Aug 16-26 3.15pm (1hr)
Pleasance Courtyard
Tickets available at Edfringe website

Full interview available here.

Other shows we loved at Edfringe:

denim juniors at edfringe

  • Denim Juniors
  • Allstars 360
  • Universoul Circus

Many thanks to the performers who agreed to be interviewed.