Want to raise socially conscious children, and take part in a family humanitarian trip? For children who live a privileged Western/urban life, participating in this kind of adventure is a chance to play a role in helping others, while at the same time expanding their worldview. A wonderful way, in other words, for them to experience classes in the school of life.

While working on  the organisation for my taking part in a medical trip to Nepal in October 2017 with the Humla Fund, my children asked if they could come too! It made me think that there must be trips with a charitable or volunteer focus for the whole family somewhere, and indeed there are. I came across  Adventure Aid through a friend from London who is preparing for a one week  trip to Nepal, where the group will distribute school bags to poor families – a way to help ensure rural families get the most from the schooling that’s available locally.

Adventure Aid UK

Adventure Aid is a UK-based organisation which creates adventures that bring together people from different walks of life, in a common goal to help small childrens’ charities across Asia and Africa.Their program includes destinations like Sumatra, India, Tanzania and Nepal. Children accompanying their parents can join from 11 upwards on trips which involve up to 15 people of all ages and backgrounds. What a fantastic way to combine wanderlust with education, and a good cause!

If you are interested to participate, the October 2016 and February 2017 trips are fully Booked, but there are 2 places available for the October 2017 and more for April 2018. Contact ashley@ adventureaid.org.uk.

Adventure Aid UK

And while we’re on the topic of travel for good causes, it’s always uplifting to introduce children to role models. Here are just two that recently caught my eye, Ewan McGregor’s work with Unicef taking him to Iraq, and Lele Luiza’s tireless campaign to humanise refugees – and children in particular – fleeing violence in their home countries. Both of them stress the importance of creating space for play, to let children be children!

Click here for Ewan McGregor‘s trip to northern Iraq’s displacement camps

Ewan McGregor Unicef

Click here Lele Luiza’s work with refugees.