We loved “Wild Foods”, a sharp comment on our society, on waste, recycling and toxic materials. We have another crush on Martine Camillieri‘s new book called “Jamais sans mon Kmion” (never without my truck), full of stories and tips related to slow travel and the little pleasures in life.

On the road

It’s been almost 10 years now that artist Martine Camillieri and her partner Bernd Richter spend two months on the roads every year, living like a modern Robinson Crusoe couple.  What does it mean, traveling like this? It’s all about meeting new people, encountering different cultures, new landscapes and foods, moving at a slow pace, following your gut instinct, moved by the pure love of discovery.

Martine’s book is a reflexion on this slow travel experience, and it’s also a mine of practical tips. From ideas to transform a van into a charming house on wheels, to advice on planning the right itinerary, rules for wild camping, recipes for easy cooking with very little, secrets for creative picnics straight from the van.

Shopping list for a creative picnic

“Sometimes we have guests and we want to show off but it’s a lazy day and we dont want to cook too much”, says Martine who also often takes her grand-children for a few days with her on the road. “So these days we buy everything from the grocery store and we just decorate”.

“We buy a few party items : carton plates, fancy napkins, as well as wooden sticks for skewers, a thermo bag and a box of ice”.

“From the market we gather cherry tomatoes, carrots, a cucumber to cut into sticks, radishes, mozzarella,  yogurts, sun dried tomatoes, ham, saucisson or filet mignon. Some tarama, olive tapenade, eggplant caviar, olives, red peppers, humous. Then almonds and  dried fruits, melons. I also buys gressini, crisps or tortilla chips, pita breads that will become our plates”.

Martine’s little secrets  

“We recycle carton boxes from the grocery store, that become low tables.  In the nature we grab flowers, leaves and herb sticks to decorate, or to eat”.

“I cut the cucumber and carrots into sticks, I turn the yogurts into dips, just adding fresh herbs and a bit of olive oil. I always have fresh herbs that I cultivate in the van”.  

“For lots of vitamines and colour, I filled red, yellow and green peppers with olive tapenade, spiced ‘fromage blanc’ (greek yogurt would work too), tzatziki, eggplant caviar, vegetable sticks.  You have to flatten the base carefully with a knife, so that they stand up nicely. I rinse them so that the day after I can throw them in the oven or in the BBQ”. 

“For desert I dig into melons with a spoon so that they become bowls for berries or small seasonal fruits. Or I slice them and the wedges create a support for sweet/ salty skewers of olives, basilic, ham, mozzarella and fruits”.

What an inspiration. Maybe it will help concretise our good old dream of travelling across America with an Airstream!

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