Where do our favourite childrenswear owners and designers go on holidays? Some destinations will make you dream, big time!

Repost from September 2013

Sad that Summer’s almost over? Pirouette keeps you in a summery mood, taking you around the globe for a sun-filled tour. A compilation of the best summer 2013 holiday memories of cool families, starting today with Munster Kids in Fiji, Little Fashion Gallery in Corsica, Smiling Planet in India, Blabla Kids in Cap Ferret + Ile de Ré and Numero 74 in Bali.

Such fun receiving all these photos and holiday memories! A great source of inspiration for the summer 2014 vacations!

Our next posts will feature Babyccino, Jess Brown, Zid Zid Kids, Pom D’Api, Lmnop… – Stay tuned!


Munster Kids, Fiji

Where did you go? We went to Fiji and stayed on a remote island called Castaway.

Was it your first time there? First time there, 30 or so basic beach bungalows surrounded by palm trees, amazing blue water and coral reefs that were like one giant aquarium.

The best about it? Definitely the snorkeling straight off the beach.  SamJax and I also did the night snorkeling -pretty eerie but fun.

What did the children liked so much? They boys would jump on the kayaks and go on adventures around the island . They came across a baby sea crate-snake,  which is apparently quite deadly . Crab races in the afternoon was always a hit as ice creams war up for grabs as prizes.


Munster Kids - Fiji Island

Little Fashion Gallery, Corsica

Where did you spend your holidays? We went to Corsica this year – a place called Cala Rossa near Porto Vecchio.

What was special and great about it? It is a private estate – a magical place ! We were lucky because we organised it last minute, found a nice house to rent, tickets for the ferries (we did the whole thing… night on the ferries with the kids in our private cabin – a mini cruise that generated lost of excitment !). It seemed that we were floating on a cloud – the place is very secured – the beaches are small, with a real feeling of privacy – after 1 week, we knew all the families there.

Who did you travel or hanged out with? We went there – just the four of us with Paul 7 and Jacques 3 years old – we actually bumped into a family who have their sons in the same school as Paul – Paul was so happy to share his holdays with his friends… and we really got on well with the parents ! I think the people we met were in the same mind set as us – the year had been… challenging – with great projects but with a huge pressure on the business – we all wanted to relax and talk about everything … but business  !

How was it for the children? The best was to see the kids in the water – Paul is “a dolphin” already – but Jacques had always been a bit more precautious in the sea than in a pool – we didn’t even have to convince him – he entered the sea like in a bath screaming with joy !


Little Fashion Gallery in Corsica

Smiling Planet, India (with a stop in Tokyo)

Where was summer for you? Tokyo, then India : New Delhi, Jaipur, Chennai, Mahabalipuram, and Swamimalia.

Why did you chose to go there? It was our first time in all these amazing places. We have moved to India to source artisans to work with as we expand our product line. We stopped in Tokyo on the way. Our girls, Lexie and Clementina, travel with us and turn everything into an adventure.

What did you like the most?  The people, because warmth and kindness have met us everywhere. Also the differentness… of everything… big and small; we couldn’t be further away from what our life was like in Los Angeles if we tried, and that is a gift.

The children’s best moment? That’s easy: in Tokyo, it was secret gardens, surreal night creatures at the zoo, and playing dress up with Abi Terrien’s kids. In India, it was riding elephants in Jaipur, feeding deer in Swamimalia, and watching artisans do embroidery at Jean-Francois Lesage’s atelier in Chennai and then being given little kits to try it on their own.


SmilingPlanet in India

Blabla Kids, Cap Ferret + Ile de Ré

Where was summer for you? We went to l’Ile de Ré and Le Cap Ferret

Your first time there?  No, I used to go to both places a lot when I grew up in Bordeaux.

What was the best of it? To come back home, to spend time with my brothers and sisters and my friends, to enjoy again the familiar smells and tastes of my childhood….and also the bike rides on the cliffs, the salt marches at night, the fields of poppies, the sea wind, the smell of pine trees, the wild ocean, the endless horizon…

A great  place for the kids? They love their freedom, as soon as we arrive, they get on their bikes and we don’t see them for 2 months…well, almost…:).


Blabla Kids - South West of France

NUMERO 74, Bali

Your summer destination? Bali

What it your first time there? Yes, it was.

What was the best about it? The amazing beach of Karma Kandara, the breathtaking sunsets, the icon temples.

What did the children liked so much? The beaches, the feeling of freedom, the wide spaces where to play free.


Numero 74 in Bali