Who does not love Banksy? Irreverent, clever, mysterious. This is a trailer for a documentary film of the ‘Artist in Residence’ in New York, during his month-long stint in the Big Apple. Or is it? With Banksy, you can never be too sure.

There may or may not be a film to come, but this teaser is itself a delight. Eye candy with a socio-political and graphic agenda. Does it belong in the auction room or the gallery? Does it belong in the street? Banksy’s hide and seek with the NYPD and even with Mayor Bloomberg himself leaves you guessing. Visual transgressions in the big city, a way of life for some, a part of the city’s rich tapestry for all of us (for as long as they’re not whitewashed away or carried off by art dealers…).  Video this Sunday Banksy in NY.