Marilyne, Valerie and Gael are three entrepreneurs, and two of them also Montessori teachers. Their small company Les Trois Elles Interactive recently launched an educational iPad application to teach children to learn how to count, based on the Montessori Method. Huge fans of children’s books, the trio’s idea was to reconcile the feeling of a book with the magic of iPad. In collaboration with a talented illustrator and friend: Jean-Jean, using paper collage technics feel, they created « Collage-like » almost vintage drawings that have captured the hearts of parents straight away.

Tam & Tao in Numberland offers a refreshing rupture from typical app design on the iPhone or iPad, with sophisticated graphics, and leads children through 10 different “worlds”, one for each number, each time offering them writing activities, counting activities and Montessori material.  It is bilingual French and English so that children can learn in two languages at the same time. This is a digital learning book that stimulates children’s senses enabling them to “do to understand”, ultimately leading to enhanced concentration and comprehension. It teaches children numbers in the most natural way, with the Montessori material.

The app is for iPad and will very soon be on iPhone too (planned beginning of december)