Located in Le Marais – Paris, Lieu Commun is a wonderful place for design lovers. Visiting last week, I discovered a great series of books by Marti Guixé, edited by Corraini. 18€ each.

Martí Guixé was born in 1964 in Barcelona. He studied Interior design in Barcelona and Industrial design at the Politecnico in Milan.  He lives and works “on living matter” between Barcelona and Berlin, dedicating himself to the invention of “bright and simple ideas made of a curious seriousness”; he considers himself an “ex-designer” and works for firms such as Camper, Chupa-Chups, Desigual, Droog Design, Saporiti and Watx. He has exhibited at the MoMA in New York, the Design Museum in London, the MACBA in Barcelona and the Centre Pompidou in Paris.”

BLANK BOOK : “Blank Book is an “empty book” that offers unlimited possible solutions to be “filled in”; it’s not a “book-to-be-read”, but a “book-to-be-created”.



FOOD BOOK : “After Blank Book and Tattoo Book, let’s draw fragrant pastas, delicious meats and succulent desserts in Martí Guixé’s new book: Food Book!



Each page is a tasty graphical suggestion to be “filled in” by each fellow dinner, from the starters to the coffee, satisfying the desires of the very moment or conceiving an elaborate menu. 
No matter if you love traditional or exotic cuisine, Food Book is a banquet on paper with your favourite courses, and also the right way to improvise in cooking without any risk… 
Food Book is a big size book, both for adults and children, funny and ironic thanks to its simplicity and lightness. 
Not a “book-to-be-read” but a “book-to-be-created”, task of the one who flicks through the pages is to prepare each time a different menu by filling dishes and glasses with colours and shapes, just following the rules of his personal originality.




TATOO BOOK : “Therapeutic, religious, ritual, punitive, challenging, erotic, fashioned, magic, aesthetic, ornamental, symbolic, ambiguous, hidden, evident…