Traveling with kids can be a challenge. Location, season, amenities all come into play. Of course there’s also the kids’ age to consider. There are the ‘family friendly’ hotel options out there, which can be hit and miss. What could be better than staying at home… away from home? Enter Behomm, a house swap portal for design professionals. 

Imagine traveling with family to stay at a beautiful home with all the toys, games, amenities in sync with your own household rhythm. All that simply as a house exchange. As of today, Behomm counts over 1000 members spread in wonderful destinations around the globe. The service is open to people who work within the design industry, as many Pirouette readers no doubt will. If you are part of this world, have a beautiful property and dream of a house exchange with like-minded people in Cape Town, Shelter Island, Comporta, Switzerland or elsewhere, let me know, I have a few invitations to share!