Bianca is a real girly-girl who hasn’t worn a pair of trousers since she was two. She’s unearthed her creativity this past year and a real love for painting, drawing, all sorts of craft and cooking. Her mother Natasha, creative director of Ubabub is secretly very happy about that…


What do you want to be when you grow up A ballerina with fairy wings

What is your favorite famous person Kathleen from Hi-5

What makes you happy When I see my friend Charlie

What makes you sad When I don’t get to see my friend Charlie

Your favorite book Tico and the Golden Wings, Green Hat Blue Hat, My Rainbow Book

Your favorite film Tinkerbell

Your favorite animal Butterfly

The best holidays you ever had Camping with my Mum, Dad and Sabine (in Jervis Bay). I played in the park, slept in the tent and went to the beach everyday

A place that you would dream to visit North Pole to visit Santa Clause

Your favorite color Yellow… and Pink… and Red

Your favorite outfit My fairy dress, wings and glittery pink ballet shoes

What is the piece your like the most from your wardrobe My new tap shoes

The next item you would like to get A cape


Your favorite children’s brands Mette (Etsy), Wovenplay, Bodebo, Big by Fiona Scanlan and Littlehorn

Your favorite children’s stores I’m always seduced by retail stores that successfully combine beautiful products with an equally beautiful interior concept. Here’s two stores that have caught my attention because of their focus on creating an unforgettable customer experience, though unfortunately I’ve only seen them in pictures: Poplar Kids Republic in Beijing, Caramel Baby & Child in London, Daikanyama in Tokyo. My other most favourite kids shopping experience in Melbourne is heading to the kids design markets: Mathilda’s and Magnolia Square where I’m always guaranteed of finding beautiful, handmade one-off pieces or vintage inspired finds

What you buy online and your favorite sites For Books: We heart books For Clothes: Etsy,,,,, Smallable For Gifts:,

A website that inspires you Pinterest. Cannot recommend this site highly enough if you are creatively-minded. Beware though, it’s highly addictive and is all about sharing inspirational imagery

The criteria you consider when you buy something for your children Must be both beautiful and practical

Last item you added to your child’s wardrobe Shiniest of gold tights from American Apparel on our recent trip to NYC, I loved them so much I bought a pair for each of my girls. My 18 month old, Sabine, is so overcome with how they sparkle I the light

Most precious item you bought for your child The most beautiful crocheted cot blanket handmade by a lovely group of women from the Country Women’s Association

Best gift you gave for a child’s B-day I like giving art poster prints either our own Ubabub prints, or Japanese poster prints from Zakkay. Beautifully illustrated books are also a favourite such as Sparkle and Spin by Ann and Paul Rand

Items that are hard to find Good-looking, practical shoes that Bianca approves of!!

Favorite pieces in Bianca’s wardrobe Bianca loves her fairy dresses and other dress-ups at the moment. So, I’m often in search of dreamy, tutu-bearing dresses to keep her happy. Some of our favourite dress-up pieces are from BIG by Fiona Scanlan – each range comes out with a dress-up collection which is rather handy!

The book on your bedside table The World Beneath By Cate Kennedy and a few Paumes publications

Where do you like to go for the summer holidays We love planning group holiday trips with our friends. Most years we like to pack up and go to the beach – this year we are looking at travelling up north to Jervis Bay or Byron Bay

Poplar Kids Republic in Beijing, Caramel Baby & Child, Daikanyama, Mette (Etsy), Wovenplay, Bodebo, Big by Fiona Scanlan, Littlehorn,,,,, Smallable,,,