With two parents being bloggers, Clara is very tuned in to taking in the world around her. She loves going out to eat, watching cooking shows (Mad Hungry Food, Jacques Pepin, and Gordon Ramsay being her favorites), and traveling, as long as a swimming pool is involved. Yolanda her mother is an editor at large at Martha Stewart Living, co-founder of the wonderful blog Momfilter, and author of Travels with Clara.


What do you want to be when you grow up An artist

What is your favourite famous person  Frank Sinatra

What makes you laugh When my dog Charlie does funny things

What makes you sad Mean kids at school

Your favourite book Sayonara Mrs. Kackleman, by Maira Kalman

Your favourite films Mary Poppins

Your favourite animal Platypus

The best holidays you ever had London, because my best friend lives there

A place that you would dream to visit Disneyworld

Your favorite outfit I like my pink Crewcuts flower skirt (Liberty print) with my Marimekko purple striped shirt with moccasins

What is the piece your like the most from your wardrobe My gold boots (from the Bonpoint outlet)

The next item you would be happy to get A new pair of moccasin boots

If you had a magic wand, what would you do with it right now? I would want it to bring me another dog


Your favourite children’s brands Talc, Bonpoint, Old Navy, Crewcuts, Wovenplay

Your favourite children’s stores  Poppy in LA, Sweet William in Brooklyn, and the Bonton store in Paris

What do you buy online for your children ? We buy as many books as we can from our local bookstore, but a lot of the time we buy our books and dvds from Amazon. I love Little Fashion Gallery too, although the shipping is hard on us in the States!

 A website that inspires you I am a huge fan of Boz Around since I’m pretty obsessed with travel, and I love how Vanessa weaves in so much of her personality

The criteria you consider when you buy something for Clara For the most part, I want the clothing to have a long shelf life, so I usually buy her things that have flexibility built into them (a skirt with elastic waistband, jeans that have buttons that let them contract or expand). I will only spend a lot on items that I think will be worn all the time, and I usually try to find everything on sale. Except for the occasional super special!

Last item you added to Clara’s wardrobe Organic underwear from H&M

Most precious item you bought for Clara Arabbit fur vest from Talc

Best gift you gave for a child’s B-day I like to give books, and each year there’s a book we’re especially into—this year it’s Pretend Soup cookbook. Last year it was A Balloon for a Blunderbus. We also like to give the dvd box set of The Thunderbirds

Items that are hard to find Nice simple nightgowns in cotton, underwear for girls bigger than size 8, that is good cotton

Favourite pieces in Clara’s wardrobe She wont stop wearing this dress from Golden, a jumpsuit from Petit Bateau, and her Je t’aime Brooklyn t-shirts from Akiko et Atsuyo

The book on your bedside table The House in France by Gully Wells

An unforgettable place you’ve travelled to The Adirondacks. Sometimes it’s the places that are in our own state that blow my mind

The ideal place for a family summer holiday I could go into a gazillion specifics but I would say wherever there’s a body of water (and that can include a blowup swimming pool!), access to good food, and preferably no cell service