“Edoardo, also called Edo, is a joyful child, full of imagination and energy, who loves dancing and listening to rock music. He has an absurd passion for church bells. In Italy there are many small churches, so whenever we go around, maybe during mass hours, the church bells start ringing and he’s just the happiest kid on this planet! “. Beatrice his mother is Jewellery designer and owner of the brand: “BeA legami preziosi


What do you want to be when you grow up A dancer

Someone you admire?  My cousin Leo : my hero

What is your big dream? To be the one and only King of the house!

Are you scared of anything? If so tell me what and why I’m afraid of mice even of the little mouse of Ratatouille

What makes you laugh Steal dad’s tie and pretend to go to work

Your favourite films and books Dumbo

Something you did recently that you really loved  I went  in a boat fishing with my cousin Leo

The best holidays you ever had  Mauritius with my mom and dad: a paradise

A place that you would dream to visit  Anywhere where there’s the sea and fishes

Your favorite belonging Two stuffed American Cockers which I call Cuba mommy and Cuba baby. They look just like our real dog Cuba. We can’t leave Milan without them!

The next item you would so dearly love to get An elephant with big ears like Dumbo

If you had a magic wand, what would you do with it right now? I would take a ride on ‘Lightning Mcqueen” (the Disney’s “cars” movie main character)


A place you saw when you were a child and made its mark on you? When I was 6 I went with my family to Venice: I remember this as a dream holiday. Gondola rides, and the visit to Murano to see the glass blowing!  I came home full of horrendous souvenirs (to which I still hold on to with jealousy)

The place you love near your home In the park behind my house there’s a bistro’, in summer they put tables outside and in front, there’s a very old carousel with rocking horses. I started to go there in the evenings to walk my dog Cuba, then with my husband, after that with Edoardo to have breakfast, and now also with Giorgia…it has become a sort of tradition that I’m sure will carry on….

Where do you dream to go for your next family holiday I’d like to go to the Philippines: Wena, my children’s nanny, tells me about amazing places like the island of Palawan home to one of the seven wonders of the world.

A film that you saw recently and that staid with you? I recently saw “The Help”. It is set in Jackson Mississippi in the early 1960’s, the story explores themes of racism and the façade of respectability of the families of the South. When an aspiring writer interviews a maid who tells the truth about her experiences in the homes of white people. The movie was both exciting and engaging, giving strong but very human portraits of courageous women.

The film that you love to see with the whole family? The neverending story: a big classic, but I have to wait a few more years until the kids are older.

The book on your bedside table I have a book with the meaning of names, every night I pick one and the next day I change my mind: I still have 4 months to choose.

The children’s brands your cherish Yporquè is my favourite brand:  the kids have fun with what they wear, garments to use for playing, funny and cosy to live with passion for a long time. Y porquè is creative and innovative, so simple in shapes, and extremely versatile.

The children’s stores you love to visit and buy from  www.contemori.com/ It is the studio where funny creatures come to life in the hands and imagination of a girl. I received a beautiful elephant for Edo ’s birthday, since then, I would like to go and meet the creator. But the last purchase comes from my sister’s shop in Milan “Mezzanotte Store”: a Hatley’s pyjamas with a shark.

Favourite pieces in your children’s wardrobe A pair of Gucci fringed sandals size 18. It was a gift of my friend Olga who is a designer there, for Giorgia’s first Birthday! She’s awfully cute in them!!

What do you buy online? I always. Once a month I do big grocery shopping online at Esselunga.it : I buy diapers, wipes, detergents etc…but I always check Vente-privee.com looking for the perfect bargain!

A website that inspires you abeautifulmess.typepad.com

Something that made you laugh out loudly recently? At Giorgia’s first birthday party I caught a glance of Edo who, thinking nobody was watching, was poking every cupcake available on the table, licking the frosting from his fingers and saying yuuuuumyyy to himself! He was hilarious!