Gioia, 3 years old, lives in New York. She speaks English, French and Spanish. Her mother Samantha Adam Benenati is a journalist and the co-owner of Pomme, one of the most beautiful children’s stores in the world.


What you want to be when you grow up  Baby teacher
Favorite famous person Hello Kitty and Dora
Favorite book Attention bobos
Favorite films  Lost and found and The Happy Duckling
Favorite place for holidays  My grandparents house in Spain
A city that you would dream to visit  What is a city mommy?
Who chooses your clothes in the morning Mommy
Favorite color Purple
The piece your like the most from your wardrobe Jubile dress from Dagmar Daley (see picture)
The next item you would like to get A real Mariposa (butterfly in Spanish) Princess dress and shoes


Favorite children’s brands Bonton, Crewcuts, Luco, Dagmar Daley, Zef, mixed with Old Navy, Gap and H&M
Favorite children’s stores Bonton, Crewcuts and Zara (but only in Spain)
Do you buy a lot online for your children ? Flora and henri, Pottery Barn kids for party decor (Christmas, Easter…)
The criteria you consider when you buy something for children? Quality (long lasting), comfort, good cuts
Most expensive item you bought for your children A fabulous classic coat from Pupi Solari (the most expensive kids store in Milan), for my son Santo (7 years old). He never wore it, but now Gioia does, pfew!
Favorite piece in your Gioia’s wardrobe Too many!
An item that is hard to find Beautiful good classic shoes
Favorite places for your for the summer holidays? Elba Island in Italy and Mijas in Spain