Japanese designer nendo surprised our eyes and senses with this innovative parent and child cafe. Located in the chic neighbourg of Aoyama, the Tokyo Baby Cafe has become the cool place where tokioytes moms & dads with kids can hang out and have an ‘adult conversation’. No worries about either the perils of the surroundings or the entertaining for their kids: door handles and light switches are placed up high, out of children’s reach.  Lots of books, a playroom, and toys are available for the exclusive use of children; but also useful nursing, changing, and strollers friendly area rooms complete the amenities of this place. The contrast between huge and tiny creates the entire décor-concept. A giant nursing sofa has as counterpart an out of scale playroom sofa:  big windows / small windows; big light bulbs / tiny light bulbs and so on. The very master touch is under the tables.  Usually disregarded by adults, the under tables is a roof for kids, which in this case hide pictures of parents and baby animals to entertain babies while parents are catching up with friends.
Mircea Masserini for Pirouette