Honore is the youngest boy ever interviewed on Pirouette, but  the little 19 months old is already very opinionated. Obsessed with cars (toys AND real ones) and anything with wheels, he’s always ready for big fun like having his head upside down or running super fast and kicking the ball. Let’s read more about him and mother Elisa Lempicka, Consultant and Design Director for Lolita Lempicka. 


What do you want to be when you grow up n/a

What is your favorite famous person Toby his wooden pull dog toy

What makes you laugh Playing peek-a-boo, making weird noises with daddy

What makes you angry Nose cleaning time

Your favorite book Cars and Trucks from Richard Scarry, Mon imagier bilingue avec Mimi by Lucy Cousins

Your favorite animal “Pussy cat” our siamese cat and “Coco” his donkey (plush doll from Jelly cat)

The best holidays you ever had Endless days playing on the dreaming beach of Harbour Island in the Bahamas last may, all naked with his buddy Wolfie

Who chooses your clothes in the morning mom

Elisa Lempicka

Your favorite children’s brands Bonpoint, Bonton, Stella mcCartney, Crewcuts, American apparel, Monoprix

Your favorite children’s stores In Paris : Maison Bonpoint (rue de Tournon), Bonton Bazaar. In New York: Yoya and Kisan.

What do you buy online for Honore? When in Paris: Bianca & family and Noeuf.fr for toys, Little Fashion Gallery for clothes, Oclio and Bebe au naturel for wiona diapers and food/ baby supplies. In NY : diapers.com for shoes, buy buy baby for baby supplies

A website that inspires you Bianca and family and most recently the Glow

The criteria you consider when you buy something for Honore It has to be cute, beautiful and right (style, fabric, cut)

Latest item you added to your child’s wardrobe The classic Oshkosh overall

Most precious item you bought for your child A silvered baby hairbrush from Hermès engraved with a big H

Best gift you gave for a child’s B-day Bonpoint complete outfit

Items that are hard to find Beautiful vintage clothes, desk and chair for toddlers (but not impossible!)

Favorite pieces in Honore’s wardrobe His nautical t-shirt from St James for Crewcuts and a vintage blue gingham blouse from my sister when she was 2

The book on your bedside table The Manhattan Directory of Private Nursery Schools

Where are you going for the summer holidays I’ve been In France this past summer : road trip in the south, Normandie, Megève and Corsica 

Thanks to Samantha Adam, Correspondent in NY