Country of origin Italy

Country of production We design and develop our garments at our Italian Headquarters in Asolo, controlling every stage of their production, including: cutting, preparation, dyeing of fabrics, finishing, sewing of details, application of accessories and pressing. Through a team of expert in-house technicians, we coordinate and personally monitor a carefully selected network of highly specialised, cutting-edge Italian and Foreign workshops, with whom we share values of professionalism, transparency and ethics. Together with strict quality control procedures, we are able to maintain the necessary flexibility for addressing the market needs and times, always guaranteeing new and complete collections, giving real value and satisfaction to our respected customers.

Name of the owner Giovanna Miletti

Number of employees 50

Number of sales points 5 flagship stores + 4 outlets + 3 corners. Totally 750 multibrand clients, including Pure Baby in London. The most important shops are based out of UK in other European countries. Above all the flagship store in Milan has become a reference for international customers.

Brand’s own e-store It was just created!

Philosophy Classic modern and sober style for new born and junior

What makes the brand unique ? The quality of all fabrics and products. The unique classical but essential and modern style that is embodied both by daily clothes and ceremony outfits.  The wide range of clothes which satisfy the most sophisticated and innovative demands.

How many pieces per collection 650

Main materials used Natural fibres and carefully selected fabrics, selected by choosing the most reliable Italian textile manufacturers, thereby ensuring top quality standards in terms of style, fit and safety.

A bit more about il Gufo…

Il Gufo means owl. The name comes from the very first embroidery on rompers. As time goes by the owl became our lucky charm and we now embroider it even on products for older boys.

Stefano Azario, one of the most important photographer in the kids fashion world, has been representing the best choice for Il Gufo to convey the elegance and the modernity of the brand.


Il Gufo


Il Gufo